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4 GPM Sgins 2021T

Digital Signage

in Newfoundland

Digital Signage

Our digital signs are more than beautiful LCD screens, they’re smarts signs! Meaning, they run the latest Android OS, installed Apps; Internet browser, Explorer, Settings, Gallery and Video Player. That’s not it, we can also install Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so on…. The best way to describe our Digital Signs at Gray Press Media, is to call them giant smartphones, hence smart signs!

With the Photoframe App, you can run a customized slideshow of your marketing message with amazing visual content, so it’s seen by the right people at the right time and most importantly, it converts, offering a return on investment!

Digital Signage Rental at Thruway
43 Poster

43" Digital Poster


43" Digital Sign

43 Sandwich

43" Digital Sandwich board

Benefits Of Digital Signs

Digital signs have a great impact on your customers’ overall shopping experience. Here’s a few interesting digital signage facts:

  • Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays.
  • 8/10 customers claim to have entered a store simply because digital signage caught their attention.
  • Customers that interact with digital signage report 46% higher satisfaction.
  • 19% of people admitted to making an unplanned purchase because of digital signage.

Digital signage is a no brainer. Why print one banner when you can display 8 GB of photos (thousands). Or video! Either way, customers will stay longer in your store because of your digital sign. Most importantly, customer will spend more money because of your digital sign.

Applications For Our Digital Signage

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Retail Shops
  • Theatres
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Sports Areas
  • Exhibitions
  • Car Dealership Showrooms

The list can go on and on…. If you have an advertisement that you want to be seen, then we have a solution for you.

Subway Digital Signage

Content Creation

We will help! We specialize in photoshop, so if you need help with any content, we can help! Video, yep, we do that too. We not only delivery the sign to your door, we’ll plug it in, connect your wifi and walk you though a full tutorial on how to use it. We’ll create a Google drive account and teach you how to download your desired files to your new digital sign. How cool is that! We sell, we create, we delivery and we’ll train you what you need to know. It’s real simple, hence we call them smart signs! Our customer service is impressive, so we’re told.


We’ll deliver your new smart sign anywhere in Newfoundland! Whether it’s St John’s or Port aux Basque, we’ll deliver to you in person.

When you think about it, Digital Signs can answer all the simple questions, so your sales team can spend more time selling and building relationships while your digital signs answer the general questions. It makes for a better customer experience and you’ll increase your revenues! It’s a Win Win!

Digital signage is just good business; and more importantly, it is good for your business!


Thank you for reaching out about the digital sign, we loved it and it was so user friendly! I will certainly be keeping it in mind for our next event.

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Rachelle White
Project Coordinator - Communications | NL Association of CBDCs
T. 709-745-4406 | F. 709-745-4414
19 Old Placentia Rd, Suite 2A| Mount Pearl, NL | A1N 4P4

43″ Digital Poster

Our 43″ digital poster will have a high return on your investment.

One of the biggest benefits of our digital smart signs are that they are high visibility, delivering your marketing message at eye level.  They are accessible to customers and can quickly provide information.  The ability to speak directly to a brand representative about any issues the customer might be having drives loyalty, trust, and connection and, as a result, improves the overall buying experience.

The primary purpose of a retail digital signage is to engage customers and handle inquiries. Being that some questions are unrelated to staff, a load can be taken off the backs of your sales team, and they’ll be more able to focus on their actual sales. Not only does this make their job easier and thus increase their morale, but they’ll likely see an increase in overall revenue resulting in staff benefits.

It is easy to see that digital signage is likely the future of the shopping world. Not only can they increase visibility, brand awareness, customer satisfaction and business efficiency, but they can also, and