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Google MyBusiness

Google My Business – What You Must Know!

Two similar business owners open up shop on opposite sides of the street. One business owner completes their My Business GMB Listing, while one business owner did not. How would this affect the two businesses? Considering 97% of customers read online reviews and 28% of consumers will call or visit a local business within 24 hours of search for a local business, the impact would be huge!

First off, what is Google My Business? It’s an easy to use and free tool that helps businesses manage their online listing with Google and Google Maps! This helps customers find your business over your competitors business. You can easily be found on the Map!

DID YOU KNOW: Google has been deprioritizing organic search results in favour of ads and what is known as “No Click Searches”

NO CLICK SEARCHES: When you search on Google, only to get all the information you need, without clicking on an search links.

Example: Go to Google and search your town + weather, you’ll get the forecast without having to visit a website or click on any links. Search NHL, you’ll get the scores of last nights games without having to leave the Google search page.

NO CLICK SEARCHES will affect your business so pay attention! How you may be wondering… NO CLICK SEARCHES now account for 47% of all search queries and it’s only going to increase. And on Mobile, it accounts for over 60% of searches!

Why is Google doing this. So they can keep them on their website even longer – instead of having them visit your website.

So it’s time to get your business listed in the NO CLICK SEARCHES. Adding your store / business to Google My Business is a MUST!!

Google My business is NOT new. It’s gone by some other names; Google Places, Google Maps, Google+, Google Local, Google Business.

Since Google would rather have you pay for an ad, they don’t want to send customers to your website unless they have to (or unless you pay for it). But, people will always use Google for local searches. So they built an entire platform for people to connect with your business, without having to leave Google. Google My Business will actually generate more traffic, customers and calls then your website will. So let’s continue with My Business set up.

Once you’ve added your information. You must verify your listing using one of the methods below:

  1. Postcard
  2. E-mail
  3. Phone
  4. Instant Verification
  5. Bulk Verification (10+ locations)

Below are the five steps in order to complete your Google listing.

#1 Add or Claim Your Google Listing

#2 Verify Your Business

#3 Choose the Category and Provide Contact Details

#4 Finish Your Verification and Receive a Postcard

#5 Add Your Business Description

Step #5 is the more important step in the process. Google will allow you to customize your listing with the important business information. You can add hours of operations, add a description specific to your business as well as adding branding: you logo, photos of your business & products as well as video. From there, you can create and publish a free website template from My Business with a banner image, a homepage, an posts, photos, videos, etc along with the essential information related to your business.

We understand that you’re busy running your business and may not have the time and/or knowledge to verify your business so we offer a Google My Business Listing service. Let us do the work and you reap the rewards. To learn more, contact us today.


Advantages Of Digital Signage

Your business needs Digital Signage! 💯

Below are 10 advantages to Digital Signs:

🔹 Minimizes perceived wait time.
🔹 Run time-sensitive ads.
🔹 New creative is inexpensive.
🔹 You can run relevant ads depending on the time of day or day of the week.
🔹 Digital signs increase sales.
🔹 Digital signage can be interactive.
🔹 You can double up your marketing efforts by using content online and on digital signage.
🔹 You can quickly test and iterate your marketing tactics.
🔹 Reduces administration cost.
🔹 Digital signage lets you leverage video.

Stop wasting money on print! Contact Preston to order your Digital Signage today!
Digital signage is just good business; and more importantly, it is good for your business! 🔥

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