Throwback Thursday
Visual Marketing is Brain Candy!

Before we get started on Visual marketing, I wanted you to ask yourself a few questions about your current use of visuals:

  • Are you sharing visual marketing content on social media?
  • Are your visuals generic or unique to your brand?
  • Are your visuals helpful and informative?
  • Do your social media images connect with your audience?
  • Do your audience engage with your visuals? Do they connect on a personal level?

The reason your brand must engage in visual marketing is that the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text!  Your brain just loves visuals.

Images, screenshots, presentations, infographics, videos…

Create unique and creative content that will connect with your fans!  Visual marketing will help you stand out from your competitors.

Social Media advantages to using great Visual marketing!

  • Great Visuals have a higher chance of being shared!
  • Great Visuals can create a spark of imagination.
  • Great Visuals on social media get more engagement than text or links without images.
  • Great Visuals highlight your product without telling your audience about them.

Remember, our brains love to be stimulated.  Our primary sense is site! Now our other senses are all equally important, we you combine them, your brain is stimulate to work smarter.  For example, if you hear something (listening to a podcast), a week later, you only remember 10%.  However if you watched a video or a presentation with great visuals and head the same information, a week later, you will remember 65%.  Adding the visual makes a BIG difference!

When posting an image or photo to your social media channels, add your logo and website, maybe a title, a caption or a hashtag!  If it’s a sales pitch image, add a call to action!  Think outside the box and get creative with your visuals.  If you know photoshop, fantastic!  Use it.  But if not, don’t worry, you don’t need a big marketing budget to buy visual content. There are a ton of tools out there like Canva.  Make sure you take advantage of these social media tools to help increase your social media engagement and spice up your social media marketing campaign!

Interested in learning more about Canva? Check out this Beginners Guide To Creating Amazing Images with Canva. Learn how to use this free image tool to easily create stunning logos, Facebook cover photos, quotes, images etc.

Learn Canva, Click Here!

We remember visually! Think of something… exactly! …an image.  It’s just the way our brains operate so if you want your post to be remembered, you must use great visual marketing content!