313 Life Facebook Ad
Social Media Experiment – Detroit VS Miami – Facebook Ads

Last week, I decided to experiment with Facebook ads.  I chose two areas of the USA to target, Detroit (313) VS Miami (305).  I created 2 identical Facebook ad sets, with the exact same content and very similar photos.  I targeted men, age 25-54 and set the same budget for the same period of time.  The product I promoted was almost identical, the only difference being the area codes 313 VS 305.

313 Life Facebook Ad305 Life Facebook Ad











After one week, which targeted demographic do you think was the most social?  Which do you believe was the most profitable?

If you guessed 313, then you’re correct!  Detroit not only had the best reach, Detroit received more engagement; Likes, Shares & comments and Detroit was the most profitable out selling Miami 2-1.  Obviously there are other variables that play a factor.  I’m going to be running more Facebook Ad experiments over the next few months so be sure to subscribe to our blog.

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