65CM WIFI 3D Hologram Advertising Holographic Fan Z3


With the 65cm diameter, this 3D Holographic fan offers an unprecedented 3D visual experience.  1600 * 720 resolution, the image quality is amazingly clear.  The 65cm diameter also offers more LED which allows for more colors.  Being equipped with the WIFI module allows you to use the app and your smartphone as a remote.


Item Type: High Resolution 3D Hologram Fan – Advertising Light

Voltage: AC100-240V

Brand Name: AUSIDA

Power Source: AC

Model Number: Z3

Usage: Advertising Light, Promotions and Digital Marketing



3D hologram fan display,  the 3D effect image and video are produced by rotating led fans.  It can help entrepreneurs and small business owners spread and share advertising content efficiently.  It is a cost-effective solution to show a holographic effect floating free in the air.


3D Holographic Fan 3D Display Device with Ultra High Density LED Rotational Imaging Visualization. Clear and flexible product image.  The quality is outstanding.

3D images are more eye-catching, to replace the traditional non-advertising content.  Potential customers will love your 3D visuals.


Packake Includes



4 Axil Design: Four blades is the trend of holograms, minimizes the ring grain effect and vibration.  There are more space to install the LED beads. The resolution is determined by the quantity of beads, rotating speed and led beads quality.
High transfer speed: Holo65 support two uploading models, APP or SD card. The transfer speed is fast and convenience.
Software and APP: Holo65 APP function is simple, just support uploading 3D video, The PC software support multiple video conversions, control it by remote.
Linkable : The 65cm hologram fan can be linkable , several pcs link together can be synchronized to get larger image show .
Holo65cm image size is 25.6 inch,720P resolution 3D effect is far more shocking than other models.
Best for exhibitions, tradeshows, showrooms, retail and large venues with high requirements for product display.

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