Holiday Marketing 101
Holiday Marketing 101

It’s that time of year again!  Did you know that 20 to 40 percent of yearly sales for small and medium-sized retailers take place within the last two months of the year.

Do you have a holiday marketing plan ready to go?  If not, let’s get started NOW!

First off, the Christmas Holidays are a festive time of year, it’s a great time to pretty up that website of yours, your social media profiles as well as your physical store front.

It’s time to add custom Holiday website banners, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube covers and Holiday themed Facebook profile pics.

Holiday Marketing

Besides the traditional 2 months of Holiday Shopping, put a BIG promotion on to kick off your Holiday marketing for the following 3 days:

• Black Friday: November 27th
• Small Business Saturday: November 28th
• Cyber Monday: November 30th

Collaborating and Cross Promoting with other businesses is a great idea!  The Holidays are great time to reach out to other small businesses and to work together.  Sharing is caring!  The Holidays are the best time to to share other businesses and their products with your customers; email list, social communities and ask that they do the same for you.

The Holiday Shopping season is when you need to pull out all of the stops.  Offer deals that your customers just can not resist. A deal they wouldn’t find any other time of year …that is only available during the Holiday shopping season!

Plan events!  Whether it’s a TAX FREE sales event or a social media selfie contest where you ask customers to take a selfie in front of your store and share their photos!  By doing so, one lucky customers will win a prize package from your business.  The Holidays are a time to get creative and think out side the box!  By sharing selfies, everyone receives a future discount in return for their support (Plus a chance to get them back in the store again).

The Holidays are the best time to be SOCIAL.  That’s right!  Social Media!  Jump on board and participate daily, use #Hashtags; especially with Twitter and Instagram!  It’s time to turn things up and start building momentum.  Be a social media resource, not just offering a bunch of sales pitches.  Provide your followers with information that they can actually use, something as simple as time savings tips, holiday safety tips, last minute gift ideas, or where they can save $$.  Take action and get started today.

Here’s a few ideas to get the creativity flowing:
1) Offer Holiday Marketing Coupons: compelling enough to get people in to your store!
2) Plan an Event: plan a day where you give back, whether it be a charity fundraiser, food drive or a customer appreciation event, the Holiday Season is all about giving back.
3) Plan a Contest;  Your Holiday Marketing plan must generate a buzz to your audience.  Come up with a prize that will encourage everyone to want to win.  Once again, be creative.

Well, I hope your ready to get started today! Don’t wait, as your Holiday Marketing plan is crucial to your business.  If you need help, please email Preston at

PS: If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea, check out our Best Tech Gadgets, we have tons of great gift ideas from Selfie Sticks to MiniDrones.