Does your business need a Website or Facebook Page?

If you’re asking yourself “I am only a small business, do I really need a Website as well as a Facebook page?” then this post is for you! The short answer is “YES”.

A website, is a marketing tool, but it doesn’t automatically generate sales, it more like a marketing brochure or poster.  You can showcase your  products or services, define your brand, your mission statement and corporate values as well as hours of operations and add various calls to action on your website.

A Facebook page may show off your products and tell potential customers about your business, however a Facebook page isn’t really yours.  It’s owned by Facebook and is controlled by Facebook.  If Facebook redesigned it’s business page template, then your Facebook page gets a redesign.   Facebook decides to start charging for your Business Page, then you must pay up.  More importantly, Facebook doesn’t allow your post to be see by your full audience.   Although family and friends may like and follow your Facebook page, they don’t see all of your content and hard work.  Due to Facebook Edge ranking, chances are, without any engagement, a very small percentage of your audience will actually see your post, I’m guessing it’s less than 10%.

If you’re leaning towards a new website for your small business, where do you begin?  What are you going to put on your website, how many pages do you need and how much is it going to cost you?

Here are 4  things to remember and to help you get started with a new website.

Content is King

Content is everything, without useful and informative content, your website will fail so it’s crucial that you put the time in to creating the best content you can.

What are your Goals

Take the time to plan and prepare the goals of your website?  Is it to drive traffic to your physical store?  Sell products?  Generate leads?  For example if your goal is to get users to fill in a form, then make sure the form is in a clear location and is shown more than once to help optimize your conversion rates.

Branding and Design

Even if you are a home based business or start up, now is the time to truly brand yourself and your business? Think about logos, colors and images. Also don’t forget your business domain, make sure it’s easy to remember and spell.


Do some research and check out other brands websites; make notes of what you do and don’t like.

Finally, let’s connect?  I specialize in website development and have built tons of websites for business just like yours.  I started designing websites in 1999  …that’s 18 years experience in the industry?  For more tips on Social Media Marketing and Web Design, be sure to like us on Facebook.